5 NOV – 17 DEC 2020

Multi Multi is a two-months online platform dedicated to questions on the role of design for sustainability and ecological problems. Climate change and environmental sustainability have become widely recognized as the most significant and pressing concerns of our time. Design as the shaping of society and nature can critically reflect and change the destructive status quo; at the same time, design perpetuates and reinforces environmental damage caused by its actions. Since the mid-1980s, design has been dominated by a human and user-centered approach. Considering the ecological harm done by humans, human-centered design seems to have reached its limitations.

Emerging relationships with the natural and technical world call this binary understanding of human and non-human into question; knowledge inscribed in marginalized and unrecognized cultures and systems is incorporated in new design approaches, strategies, and concepts. Design strategies, such as posthuman design, Xeno-design, or holistic and systemic design approaches, arose that are aware of a world that combines different systems' (co)existence. These approaches try to overcome the focus on the human in design and are looking for a sensitive, empathic, and interconnected way of designing with respect to sustainability. Multi Multi's goal is to provide an inside look and critical viewpoints on different ideas and approaches to these ambitions. In the framework of 12 online activities, such as lectures with discussions, reading groups, and workshops, invited experts from Slovakia and abroad will present their projects, concepts, and ideas. The program is for free and open to designers, design researchers, and design students from Slovakia and abroad.


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Research Institute of Botanical Linguistics (RIBL) is a design and research collaboration between Lucia Kolesárová from Košice, Daniela Rota from Zurich, and Meike Hardt from Cologne, since 2017. RIBL's main aspiration is to explore interdependencies between humans and non-humans as a response to the Anthropocene and its stated negative impact on nature. Our goal is to question human-centered knowledge production and design strategies to overcome the unequal distribution of power and exploitation.

Multi Multi is organized with great help by Marius Förster



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