multi reading group 3


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Photo: Birmingham Museums Trust

The third reading group focuses on the thoughts of J.K. Gibson-Graham and Ethan Miller, who point to a marginalized understanding of the economy and how this has generated violence, inequity, and unforeseen impacts on survival for humans and more-than-human communities. The aim of this reading group is to reflect on the design-economy: How to evaluate economical structures and mechanisms of our own daily work to reach a more diversified and inclusive understanding of the economy.


The reading group is loosely connected to the following lecture by Trajna Collective: “Co-designing with feral plants in Trajna collective” (7 pm - 9 pm CET)

The text is available in the reading list. Feel free to send questions and thoughts about the texts to in advance. 

Please note that places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.