Forest audio guided tour

Lucia Kolesárová


Group 71.png

​Photo: Sebastian Engler

I invite you to a space where we will build up knowledge that appeals not only to our reason and the mind, but the whole body with all its senses. We will explore, perceive, and deepen our understanding of the world we are inherently a part of. We will experience our surroundings in the search for interconnectedness. We will "Think like a mountain" with Aldo Leopold, and call for the appreciation of  the profound interdependence of all the constituent parts of the ecosystem.

As Leslie Paul Thiele claims “What we do in and to the world outside largely depends on the state of our inner worlds. Sustaining the world and sustaining our souls are synergistic endeavors." The designer’s own mindset and values are therefore essential components of a sustainable way of designing for different systems' (co)existence.

Feel free to enter the nearby forest, park or one of the gardens, put your headphones on, hit the play button, and immerse yourself in this tour.

When you wander around, please take a photo of the communities or individuals living there and send it to us with your name to our email